Tooth Aches

Tooth suddenly started giving you grief? We’ve got you covered

Tooth aches are a pain! There are so many things that can cause a tooth ache, and we recommend people to visit their dentist as soon as possible to get it checked out.

Why does my tooth hurt?

There are many reasons why you may have a tooth ache. Some of the more common ones are:

Since your tooth ache can stem from so many different issues, we recommend booking an appointment with your dentist to assess the issue first. Once we know what the actual issue is, we can address that and defeat your tooth ache in the process! 

What can I do to fix it?

Since there’s no way for you to know the exact cause of the tooth ache, we recommend people to book with a dentist to have it checked out as soon as possible. It is possible that the tooth ache is only a symptom for a much bigger issue, such as an inflamed pulp that requires root canal treatment, or severe decay that requires extraction.

How can I stop getting tooth aches?

Tooth aches are caused by some form of ailment around the tooth. This means that you can avoid getting tooth aches by improving your oral hygiene. This means brushing and flossing your teeth every day, but also going to see your dentist every six months for a regular check up and clean. Keeping your oral hygiene in check makes your life easier – less pain, and less visits to the dentist!

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