Quick Braces

Got misaligned teeth? Quick braces may be the quickest option for you

Quick Braces are the most time-efficient way to get a straighter smile! Our dentists use orthodontic techniques to ensure that your teeth get straighter fast, and stay that way for years to come. Our custom retainers provide a non-intrusive way to keep your teeth straight following the quick braces treatment, and you only need to wear them at night, so you can be free during the day!

What are Quick Braces?

Quick braces are our take on orthodontics. Our procedure can straighten teeth from as few as eight weeks, but the procedure may take longer depending on your personal circumstances.  We place small anchors (porcelein brackets) on each tooth we want to straighten, then use arch wire to pull all of them into alignment.

How long do braces take?

Our patients have seen successful results in only eight weeks, but personalised complications may arise that delay the procedure. Our dentists will frequently check on your straightening progress and let you know how much longer they think you will need the braces.

Will the braces hurt?

Since the quick braces procedure is quite literally pulling your teeth into alignment, your teeth may feel sensitive for the first few weeks. However, once most of the major moving has been done, the tenderness will subside.

Can my teeth move back after the braces?

Your teeth are very likely to try moving back to their original positions, even after they have been straightened by our procedure. We always place fixed wire retainers and provide plastic retainers for our patients to wear to prevent their teeth from moving out of the correct alignment.

Am I too old to have braces?

You can have your teeth straightened at any age. Orthodontic treatments in adults can be complicated because of missing teeth, heavily worn teeth and other issues.

Am I too young to have braces?

Orthodontic treatment most commonly begins when a child has at least some permanent teeth and are still growing.  This falls between ages 9 and 14.  We recommend you consult with your dentist and let them assess whether you are ready for braces.

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