Broken and Chipped Teeth

Got a broken or chipped tooth? Not to worry! We have various solutions for you

Chipped teeth can be annoying, and at Envisage Dental, we have just the tools to get that tooth looking as good as new! Our dentists are specially trained in cosmetic dentistry to ensure that your chipped tooth gets restored to its original look.

Why do teeth get chipped?

Your tooth can chip due to many reasons, but the main one would be from excessive pressure on the tooth. This may be an indication that you grind your teeth unknowingly. If you also have fillings on some of your teeth, those may have chipped instead of your actual tooth.

Do I need to fix a chipped tooth?

Whether you need to get a chipped tooth fixed really depends on how much of a burden it is to you. If the chip does not cause you any pain, or any problems like food trapping, and is not in an obvious area, you may not have to get it fixed. If, however, the chipped tooth does hurt, or is in a conspicuous position, you may want to get it checked by your dentist. We still do recommend patients visit a dentist to assess the problem, even if the chipped tooth does not cause you any pain. Even though you don’t feel pain now, there could be more under the surface that you do not know about.

How can I get my chipped tooth fixed?

Depending on the severity of the chipped section, getting a small filling to replace the chipped section may be all you need. However, if the size of the chipped section is too large, a crown or onlay may be a better solution. Depending on the state of the tooth, our dentists may need to drill away some decayed tissue or existing restoration before filling everything back up. This will also give our dentists time to examine the area and determine whether there are more issues you need to be aware of.

Will fixing a chipped tooth hurt?

Most likely, no. Our filling procedure for chipped teeth is non-invasive, unless the state of your tooth is so severe that we need to drill prior to placing the filling. The filling procedure can be done completely without anaesthetic, but you may request to use numbing anaesthetic if there is pain.

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